True Rosaschi II
An honest life of
Straight talk, brash and keen;
He was True in death as well.


George Carlin’s Faith
If there is a god,
And I’m certain there is not,
May he strike you dead.


Though death takes you now,
Your indelible smile
We will ever hold.


Night sirens wail.
Somewhere a stranger abides,
Nigh unto death.

Crow on pavement, dead ~
Murder of jet black mourners
Squawking on the line.

Puritan lover,
You need not rush home to pray.
Jesus doesn’t mind.

Everything changes:
What’s tobacco one moment,
Smoke the next ~ then air.

Back sore, knees aching,
Skull chatter battles silence:
Meditation sucks.

The King of Pop!
Ghosty-faced freak boy,
Once black, pop chart pederast ~
May you rest in peace.

Forgive Me Father
The Bishop sweeps the
Cardinal’s sin under the rug,
Licencing the priest.


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