Motor-mouthed, squirmy,
Incorrigible hell-boy:
And still I like you.

Anger in us seethes;
Each ~ a sleeping volcano
Someday to erupt.

Physical Economy
The Tai Chi Master
Spends a dime on a dollar’s
Force ~ Costs me two bucks.

Standing on the bus,
Squirming babe in arm, she stares
At the seated man.

The road to Erudition
Summer vacation:
Backs hunched, noses to their books ~
They always study.

Global Warming
One hundred and four!
More anomalous weather.
Next month it will snow.

Daily Ritual
She shakes out her rug,
Deeply bent over the sill ~
A glimpse of her breasts.

Innocence Lost
Could it be that if
Each child is special, then
Each adult, banal?

Starless Night
The night city sky:
‘Tis longing that makes you say,
“Look, I see a star.”

Morning Fog
Three cups of coffee,
The war on the TV, and
Still I’m not awake.

The produce gone bad:
Yesterday’s unmade stir fry
Is today’s compost.

‘Nuff Said
Aw, but Dad, Mom said!—–
Don’t you ‘Mom said’ me, young man,
Or I’ll throttle you.


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