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These are not traditional Japanese haiku, nor are they necessarily traditional English-Language haiku either. Since the definition of haiku, particularly in English, remains an ongoing debate, I won’t worry much whether I am being true to the form or not. For the most part I follow the 17 syllable (or less) 5-7-5 format, though I suspect I will play with the 13 syllable format as well. I follow more or less ~ meaning rather loosely ~ the guidelines set forth by Ray Rasmussen . At this point in time I am not so concerned with tradition, structure and form, so much as with encapsulating little meaningful bits of life in but a couple short breaths.

New haiku will appear on the main page and then be archived here, based on category. Click on the subpages above or use the side bar.

Happy reading.

AN ~

Mosquito. Bastard!
Even after I’ve squashed you,
You whirr through the night.George Carlin’s Faith
If there is a god,
And I’m certain there is not,
May he strike you dead.The Beast
In Barack they trust;
As if one, intentioned well,
Could out duel the Beast.

The Savior
He rose to power ~
From Media’s loins he came,
Sired by your hopes.

Puritan lover,
You need not rush home to pray.
Jesus doesn’t mind.

Child’s Play
A child plays guitar ~
A brash, discordant pealing.
He delights; I split.

My calls unanswered,
And she’ll not pick up the phone.
Real men take hints.

Your eye sees a cave.
Our love sees not eye to eye,
For mine sees a door.

Starless Night
The night city sky:
‘Tis longing that makes you say,
“Look, I see a star.”

Innocence Lost
Could it be that if
Each child is special, then
Each adult, banal?

If I were handsome,
Instead of brilliant or wise,
Would you date me then?

Daily Ritual
She shakes out her rug,
Deeply bent over the sill ~
A glimpse of her breasts.

Watch the kudzu grow,
Draping the boughs of the trees
A pernicious green.

Stop on Green
Energy barons!
The reason the grid’s not green:
They don’t want it so.

Alarm Clock
Bull-dozer morning:
Summer sounds of progress jolt
Me from fitful sleep.

The road to Erudition
Summer vacation:
Backs hunched, noses to their books ~
They always study.

Husband Hunting
“Married?” She asks me.
Just for kicks I say, “I am.”
Soon after, she leaves.

Global Warming
One hundred and four!
More anomalous weather.
Next month it will snow.

He makes me guffaw
At farts, sex and honesty.
That’s what friends are for.

Everything changes:
What’s tobacco one moment,
Smoke the next ~ then air.

Choose One
The moment arrives;
Wine through eager blood courses ~
Push or pull me now.


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