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Health Care ~ The Theatrics of Reform

“There is nothing to fear but fear mongering itself.” – Bill Moyers

Which is to say, there is an awful lot to fear these days.

Through the portal trying to pass as the health care reform debate, the hyperbolic opposition –  in a repeat performance of their 1994 coup of Democratic controlled Washington – is spinning yet another sticky, disingenuous web of lies and paranoia with the nefarious intent of raising the ire of an otherwise docile public. The goal: bringing down the Obama administration and the ever hapless,  totally ineffectual Democratic party, by shooting down any possibility of passing health care – I mean, health insurance reform.

The puppet masters of delusional dissent have once again done a masterful job at rousing the rabble to heights of paranoid idiocy, leaving me once again shaking my head in bewilderment at the abject lack of reason prevailing in society today. Gingrich, Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, et al, are back in their element. With their quaking voices and self-satisfied smirks, I wonder if they realize how much they actually enjoy being in the political minority for a change. Death panels and socialism – are you kidding me? Most of these people wouldn’t know socialism if it bit them on the ass. Hell, you never know, they might actually enjoy it if it did.

As I watch news clips of lemmings marching over the cliff of reason, I can’t help but to laugh at the absurd theatrics and the spin masters who engender them. Of course, when I catch my breath and remember that none of this is happening in a vacuum, I am forced to once again turn my attention toward the media machine to try to figure out what objective lay behind their latest slugfest of deception and propaganda –  er, I mean news cycle.

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